Nubaria Co.

established in late 2003

We are a prominent industry leader in the installation & operation and maintenance of pipelines and pressure reduction stations throughout the country.


About Nubaria

The Nubaria Gas Company was established in 2003 and operates as a natural gas distribution and transmission company in Egypt, providing comprehensive services to customers from gas supply to operations, maintenance, and calibration services. As a fully owned subsidiary of Natgas, Nubaria specializes in various gas-related services, primarily focused on facilitating the delivery of value-added gas.
This includes services such as installation, construction, operation, and maintenance of gas transmission pipelines, distribution networks, and pressure reduction stations. Nubaria Gas Company is among the limited number of licensed companies in Egypt that transport compressed natural gas (CNG) to customers in remote areas.
Moreover, the company offers an extensive array of operation, maintenance, and calibration services to the energy and industrial sectors across Egypt. The Nubaria Gas Company provides gas to the Nubaria Power Plant, which is one of Egypt's largest power plants, generating 2250 MW of power. Additionally, the company manages natural gas facilities that supply the El-Atf power station, producing 750 MW of power. Presently, Nubaria Gas Company operates two pressure reduction stations with a total capacity of 640,000 SCM/h (equivalent to approximately 542 MMSCFD).
Ever since it began its operations, Nubaria Gas Company has delivered over 37.5 BSCM (1,323 BSCF) of natural gas to the power generation industry in Egypt, investing a total of over EGP 1.5 billion. As a result, the company has been able to offer its customers a dependable, uninterrupted, secure, and eco-friendly source of energy.
At Nubaria, we are devoted to operating with operational excellence and the highest international standards health, safety, and environmental protection.

Established in 2003

Nubaria offers a comprehensive range of services to facilitate gas supply and delivery, which includes financing, supplying, installing, transporting, managing, operating, and maintaining natural gas pipelines, networks, and facilities.

Nubaria manages and operates two natural gas pressure reduction and metering stations, in addition to 70 bar transmission pipeline and 15 valve rooms catering to the needs of two power stations. The facilities and pipeline are controlled by RTUs, SCADA systems to monitor conditions 24/7, supporting the maintenance works and response to any emergency situation.

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At Nubaria, we provide an extensive selection of maintenance and calibration services to our customers the industrial sectors. We are dedicated to ensuring the dependability of our maintenance and calibration services...

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In August 2022, Nubaria Gas Company has been registered in the list of mobile CNG transportation authorized companies at the Egyptian Natural Gas Company “EGAS”. This registration allows Nubaria Gas to supply remote consumers with their needs for natural gas through the virtual pipeline technology which works as a bridge for consumers with no access to a physical pipeline, making it easy for cross-sector customers to switch to natural gas and enjoy the smart savings & benefits this clean & reliable natural fuel provides.

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As a prominent leader in natural gas distribution, we take a proactive approach in developing and upholding our operational performance in accordance with our vision for excellence. We prioritize the relationship with our customers to ensure their requirements are met and their satisfaction levels are exceeded.

We strive to align our operations with ethical values, integrity, and sustainable performance, whilst also focusing on the development of our people to enhance our operational performance. We prioritize a productive approach to customer service and satisfaction by engaging with our customers throughout the entire value chain and collecting feedback for analysis.

Nubaria's operations are guided by our core values, which include social responsibility, teamwork, customer satisfaction, risk management, and operational excellence. Our employees and workplace culture play a significant role in our overall success, and we strive to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse workforce. We have implemented several programs and strategies to support their personal and professional growth.


At Nubaria Gas, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and making a positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We take environmental protection seriously and are proud of our employees' efforts to preserve it. Our operations comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards to ensure high-quality and efficient solutions. We prioritize the safe and sustainable development, production, and distribution of natural gas for the benefit of the health and wellbeing of our people.


At Nubaria Gas, we prioritize environmental protection and uphold strict adherence to health, safety, and environmental regulations as the cornerstone of our sustainability strategy. Our commitment to responsibility is demonstrated through the development and implementation of rigorous environmental standards, with ongoing efforts to reduce our global operational footprint.


Safety of our employees is an integral part of Nubaria’s culture. We are committed to providing a safe working environment at every level of our business by implementing extensive safety procedures and policies in place onsite and within the community.


The Board of Nubaria is dedicated to upholding the highest level of management practices. We endeavor to continually improve by conducting precise and ongoing assessments of our internal procedures, while also ensuring adherence to global standards.